Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Volunteer Loads 100,000th Book

Roy has been with Brotherhood Books for just over a year now and still loves every day of his volunteering.

We sat down with Roy to find out a bit more about him, his love for books and his time as a Brotherhood volunteer.

How did you original find out about Brotherhood Books?Looking for books I came across the Brotherhood website where they were looking for book sorter
What made you want to join the team?
My love of books and the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile project

How have things changed in your time with Brotherhood Books?
More helpers have come on board, processes have been streamlined and the project itself has grown enormously

What is your favourite part about volunteering with the Brotherhood?
Getting to handle so many interesting books – books that will hopefully find a new home

Have you made great friendships in your time at Brotherhood Books?
With such a large group, with varied backgrounds, age and what not, I like to think so

Do you feel you have learnt a lot?
Yes particularly with books, but I have also learnt that people can be as varied as books
You uploaded the 100,00th book, what was it? And how did it feel?
Elizabeth Jolley – The Well. It was a nice feeling. Yet today I notice the number is getting close to 110,000. It is amazing just how many we are getting up onto the site now with more hands on board.

We are always looking for more volunteers, so if you would like to volunteer your time, even if it is just a few hours per week, we would love for you to register your interest by emailing