Sunday, October 4, 2009

Progress Leader Tuesday 22/9/2009 - Booked for a good cause

IF THE dust shopping for secondhand books gets up your nose, then a new online store might be a good option. And it's all for a good cause - the Brotherhood of St Laurence this week launched an online bookstore sourcing tomes from a large stockpile that has been donated over the years
through deceased estates, bequests, stores and bins. "Sometimes people donate their whole library to us," marketing manager for social enterprises Emma Hoppe said. An online store was a way to make the books available to a wider audience, not only Victorians but book lovers across Australia and worldwide, she said. "Also there are a number of books in there which are collectors items, the sorts of things people would love, rather than just novels or cookbooks - those type of books sell better in stores - but these have the ability to appeal to a wider audience." Popular comedian Corinne Grant helped launch the new site with a grade 5/6 class from Sacred Heart Primary in Fitzroy last week, with each pupil receiving a free book and a donation of more than 100 books made to the school's library.

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