Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stay Tuned for Book Reviews Freshly Baked by Our Book-loving Volunteers

Like you, our bunch of volunteers and staff love books and are more than willing to spill a few beans on our page-turning experience. Check back soon as we will share our thoughts on books and life in this space.

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Happy reading!

Brotherhood Books now live at Blogger !!

Hi Book-lovers,

Welcome to the Brotherhood Books Blog!

Brotherhood Books is the largest online secondhand bookstore in Australia and our ever-expanding inventory now has nearly 30,000 secondhand books in stock.

We offer a fantastic array of books selected from donations received by the Brotherhood of St Laurence, ranging from vintage and collectables, children’s books to recent bestsellers.

Our bookstore is proudly supported by an ever-growing team of volunteers who share your passion for books, as we carefully categorise, select, pick and pack books that will eventually arrive at your doorstep. To spare you from the painful wait, we stick to a next-business-day shipping policy.

There’s plenty of goodness in Brotherhood Books. 100% of profits of Brotherhood Books will go to help disadvantaged people and work for an Australia free of poverty. When you buy books on Brotherhood Books, you are also actively participating in the fight against global warming by reducing your carbon footprint and support recycling by choosing second-hand books rather than new ones.

Hop onto our website at and find your next great read!

Happy reading!